My life purpose is to spread love and positivity though high vibe abstract paintings for the soul.

Painting has changed my life. I have suffered a lifelong battle with chronic migraines. Teaching myself to paint as an adult as been a beautiful therapeutic discovery.  I paint to practice self-love as it is my second meditation of the day. Painting transcends me to another world. It connects me to my higher self, heals my chronic pain and reminds me of my personal magic. I want my art to do for others what it does for me. Through painting I can connect with the world and give good energy back. My alcohol ink paintings are inspired by crystal energy, color psychology and universal magic. I am fascinated by tools that help the viewer gain a deeper understanding of themselves and develop connection on their self-love journey. After a few soul searching journeys of my own, and 9 years in the corporate world, I became a full time abstract artist in 2017. I live in Raleigh, NC with my Boston terrier and frenchie, Gus and Lola.

I approach painting much like life: intuitive, fearless and fun. When I paint it is a complete “intuitive freefall” as I trust the callings of my soul. I love the unknown and discovery as the painting reveals itself to me. I prefer bold pours of fluid paint and the flow of “releasing the mind to let the body create”. The finished product always turns out more magical that way.    

I believe your home should be an extension of who you are.   It lights me up inside to create something beautiful that makes you FEEL something special, and knowing that energy is radiating in your home. I imagine my paintings secretly talking to your soul in the most subtle ways. I specialize in large-scale alcohol ink paintings and working directly with clients on custom pieces worldwide.  My commissions include a design consultation to fit the energy and colors of your exact space. My paintings are available in my Webshop, through VIP private appointments, commissions and signature Soul Paintings.

It means a lot to have you on this journey with me!  I’d love nothing more than to invite you into my world  - for the full immersion, stay connected in all of these ways.  You can subscribe below for the latest studio updates and exclusives.

Love and Positive Vibes,


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Jenna's journal

I found myself in costa rica

In the midst of a soul-searching journey, I found myself on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. I was in the middle of a gorgeous waterfall hike when I finally released a heavy load of bullshit I was carrying around. Through a tearful face and some anxious yelling that may have perplexed a few howler monkeys, I let. it. all. out. because I knew it was the last time I was going to feel that pain. I sent those negative feelings down the Costa Rican river for the jungle to wash away forever.  As I turned to take a step toward the waterfall, I already felt much lighter. I was ready to move forward in my purpose-filled life.

release what does not serve you. literally...even if it's your bikini top!

When you finally let go of what is no longer serving a purpose in your life, you clear up precious real estate in your mind to open yourself up to what the universe has in store for you. That's when the REAL magic happens!  Inspiring people through art is my life’s purpose. Costa Rica was the catalyst.

My mission is to capture the world's beauty and inspire self-love

I believe we are happiest when we are true to ourselves, love ourselves, and especially when we are bold and express ourselves. It lights me on FIRE to bring beauty and inspiration to your space. I cannot wait to help you create a space that reflects your soul!


positively beautiful art, Two Ways

Jenna Webb in Costa Rica by MB Koeth.jpg

Photographs by Mary Beth Koeth / Art by Jenna Webb