alcohol ink painting courses

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Meditative Painting course

Not just a course, an online soul retreat. All levels welcome to this journey of self compassion and deep connection. Over 20 video lessons + student community membership available. Self-paced course. 1 year access.

Retreat is currently open.

alcohol Ink on Canvas

Advanced techniques and big secrets revealed. Everything you need to know about painting on Canvas. I truly have laid all my secrets on the table that transformed my own painting process. I paint so much more freely now with a process that saves me money and makes me feel more confident in my compositions. I can show you how!

SOLD OUT! 4 more spots just opened up.



”Your work is so beautiful and the vision you created into a business is so encouraging. I can only aspire to find this level of bravery, ownership, and empowerment. ❤️  I’m really enjoying your class and your energy and your spirit thus far. I’m so glad I “accidentally” found you!! Yay!! This is the best experience ever.” - Kara W.

“Jenna has come into my life at just the right time and after years of self-doubt and fear of failure, I calmed down!  Being part of a group has been amazing. To have other people's comments is a huge boost to confidence, and of course having your support all the way is so appreciated. There is such a positive vibe in this community. 

 Loads of helpful techniques, seeing your demos is very important to me.  I can see how calm you are, how you enjoy it and that has affected me.  Your video on meditation moved me deeply.   At the ripe old age of 72 I think a transformation is taking place and a lifetime of fear of failure is about to be shattered.  I have you, your painting, your words and thoughts to thank you for.” - Moya G.

“Thank you Jenna for this wonderful chance to learn and grow, not only as an artist but as a person too! This course has been the highlight of my week! I get up with purpose and a little more joy in my heart ❣xx” - Jenna B.

“I love the more directed practices with ways to manipulate the paint, but I also really love the overarching message that nothing about what we are creating is permanent. In addition to the daily meditations, the act of painting is incredibly freeing. I thought content was really well conceived and well-planned.” - Stephanie G