"Touch My Heart Chakra" 9X11 inches green abstract painting

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"Touch My Heart Chakra" 9X11 inches green abstract painting


9X11 inch alcohol ink original painting on glossy yupo paper

1/100 #100DaysofCCEnergy

About the 100 Day Project: Color and Crystal Energy

A deep dive into the powerful energies of color psychology and crystal healing and how they can balance and enhance our lives. In this energetic journey around the color wheel I’ll share the emotional triggers of colors and crystal metaphysical properties, one color at a time. As new original paintings are released to the webshop, I’ll recommend placement of these color and crystal energies in your space (I call this Color and Crystal Shui*©) so you can manifest your deepest desires.

GREEN COLOR MANIFESTING: rebirth, renewal, organic, growth, success, focus, heart chakra, crystals: malachite, flourite, emerald, jade, zodiac: earth signs (capircorn, taurus, virgo), feng shui element: wood

Call in tranquility and abundance with GREEN CC Shui* anywhere you would enjoy being soothed or inspired, especially in a bedroom, living room, workspace or meditation altar.

© 2018 Copyright Jenna Webb Art

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