Cosmic Ocean Meditation - Blue Colorful Abstract Painting

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Cosmic Ocean Meditation - Blue Colorful Abstract Painting


11X14 inches alcohol ink on yupo paper

color + crystal Shui*

About the Cosmic Ocean Meditation Collection

Color psychology and crystal healing energy: The energy of every painting is very intentional.  *Color and crystal synergy is powerful in uplifting the energy of your home, I call this color + crystal Shui! Gold is the ultimate color for positivity and optimism and I love using it frequently in my work! The pyrite stone amplifies the positive vibes while calling in prosperity and fire.   Purple is the color of spirituality and creativity. It signifies the crown chakra - consciousness and as a protection stone, amethyst repels negative energy. Blue is the signature color for the Third Eye (intuition) and the Throat Chakra (communication).  A serene color of a spa or ocean, blue slows your heart rate and racing thoughts allowing you to relax quietly after a long day.

Display: I recommend placing this CC Shui* anywhere you would enjoy being soothed or inspired, especially in a bedroom, living room, workspace or meditation altar.

Healing Property Summary: Magic, Mystery, emotional healing, Crown Chakra: spirituality and creativity, Third Eye Chakra: intuition & manifestation, positivity, water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), fire element. Affirmation:  I cleanse myself of past patterns, thoughts and behaviors and bask in the miracles of the abundant universe.”

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