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This is a closed Facebook community to elevate our meditation practices, find free guided mediations & virtual meditation buddies to establish effective habits, share magical resources and encourage souls finding mediation for the first time.


Spiritual growth

Elevate your meditation practice, or discover meditation for the first time in our encouraging community of positive souls.

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We share meditations we absolutely love!

Join the conversation on meditation rituals, crystals, altars, retreats,  books, podcasts and all our favorites.


Meditate now

Access the best guided meditations (even the bonus content we love the most) on our favorite meditation App, Simple Habit. 

Your First 2 weeks are Free using the referral link below.

Never meditated?  The App will show you step by step.

Prefer a different App?  We can't wait to hear about it.


Meditation Benefits  

"There has been a huge emergence of research in the field of meditation and its benefits over the last 20 years. In summary, we know that it helps in several areas, like reducing stress, relieving anxiety and depression, alleviating chronic pain, improving focus, boosting creativity and cultivating compassion. Most importantly it connects you with your own life, helps you be more fully and authentically YOU. And we know that has a major impact on the world around you!" - Simple Habit Meditation App