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My “Cosmic” alcohol ink paintings are energized by the notion of connecting with your personal magic. When you trust your intuition and release what no longer serves you, The Universe becomes a magical place with limitless opportunities. Letting go of negativity frees up space to allow for growth and positive life changes.  I approach alcohol ink paintings intuitively yet I carefully select cosmic colors of my fantastical atmospheric sky. By painting a colorful fantasy, I am reminding the viewer that they are beautiful magical creatures with a inner voice to trust and a destiny to follow.


Love Collection

colorful abstract painting jenna webb

My “Love” alcohol ink paintings are influenced by the greatest reason we exist: to love and be loved.  Only by painting with a full spectrum of rainbow colors and shimmering gold can I express the vast range of emotions you feel from falling in love with your True Ultimate Person. From bliss to sadness, passion to fear of abandonment, excitement to hilarity - only love can move us like this. Everyone on the planet deserves love and a free choice of who they love. I also explore the relationship of self-love in this collection. It is crucial to keep a positive outlook and be kind to yourself.  I practice intuitive painting to mirror life lessons in letting go of perfection and self-doubt.  Loving others starts with loving yourself. Van Gogh once said “There is nothing truly more artistic than to love people.”


Unicorns Do Exist



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Cosmic Ocean Meditation

Cosmic Ocean Meditation Jenna Webb

Every Painting Is Unique

When you commission a painting in a JWA color palette or perhaps your own color scheme it will be 100% yours. Forever.