Color and Crystal Energy: Red

Red for passion and determination.

The next stop on high vibe trip around the color wheel are the REDS of the root chakra. I hope you take away something beautiful and powerful from the color and crystal energy of red. For the ultimate red manifesting in your life, check out the home placement recommendations (CC Shui) and new abstract paintings below. Each painting comes with a genuine pyrite gemstone, which aids confidence, vitality, goal achievement and fire energy.

Red Color Psychology Color Meaning Jenna Webb Art Info Graphic.jpg

RED COLOR MANIFESTING: Commanding, Determined, Un-Ignorable, Sexy, Speed, Heat, Love, Courage, Rage, Seduction, Passion, Attention, Power, Masculine, Sacrifice; Root Chakra: Instinct, Survival, Grounding, Security, Belonging, Stability, Support; Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo; Crystals: Garnet, Red Jasper, Ruby

Call in tranquility and balance with RED CC Shui* anywhere you would enjoy feeling passionate and powerful . Suggested: bedroom, workspace or meditation altar.

100 Days of Color and Crystal Energy - A High Vibe Trip Around The Color Wheel

On our trip around the color wheel I’ll share #colorpsychology of the emotional triggers of colors, #crystalhealing properties and their related hues, the CC SHUI©️ or placement of the crystal and color energy in your space, and of course plenty of original paintings (100 new works!) for anyone who wants to call in these energies in their life. 


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New Art Arrivals

Red abstract paintings

Red color psychology, the emotional triggers of red

Red crystal energy, crystal healing properties, pyrite

Red color and crystal energy in your home for ultimate manifesting