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Be Bold LLC.

Jessica Sears is our host who owns Bold LLC.  She is a Life Coach guiding peak performance in your physical and emotional wellness.  I highly recommend you check out this little pint sized powerhouse and tiny homeowner's Website. I follow her Instagram at @bold_llc for daily inspiration. You'll love her! 

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Interview Highlights

Its Not Too Late To Discover Your Passion

I discovered mine as an adult. My whole life and career was dedicated elsewhere but pain, self-discovery, bold moves and intuition helped me follow my dreams.

Leaving The Corporate World

Dealing with drastic lifestyle change, becoming your own boss and how it's not always cool to work in your pajamas. 

Soul Searching

The center of why I am doing what I love now and want to connect to others on their journey.  Learn more in My Journal ....Especially if your curious what the Costa Rica talk is all about! 

Getting Vulnerable

How art is a meditative escape from my chronic pain. 



When female entrepreneurs shoot the s*:t

Inspired Ladies on the Women's Empowerment Call Ask About... 

Instagram Growth Tips

You've done your research and paid for tons of webinars, can you share your top Instagram tips for growing a new business?

Creative Process

Your art is super creative, how do you get in the creative mindset?


Have you always been this positive? Where did it come from?


How are you alike or different from your zodiac sign?

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