Color Theory and Crystals - An Inspired Tribute Painting

☽ ⋆ △ A Special Tribute Balancing Softness and Strength △ ⋆ ☽

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“African Violets” in tribute to Elsie Jackson - 16X20 inch alcohol ink and acrylic painting on yupo paper

She Radiated Love and Positivity Despite Her Circumstances

My granny passed at 97 years old with my parents by her bedside. What I find most amazing is how her positive spirit always prevailed.  She had many reasons to be ill or grumpy, curt or cold. A German lady who in her lifetime faced, poverty, abandonment, and Alzheimer's. But never was she unkind. She was a quiet and strong lady with a consistent smile and gratitude. Even if she didn't know who the hell you were at 97 she'd give you a smile and thank you over and over for a hug. She raised 4 kids alone and walked 5 miles to work to put food on the table. “You do what you have to do” she would say. I watched my parents care for Granny for 17 years in our home. She taught her son, my dad, unconditional love.  She never got bitter as she developed Alzheimer's disease. She was the sweetest lady ever. She was incredible.



I wanted to capture my Granny’s essence in this alcohol ink painting through a balance of softness and strength through color, contrast and crystal energy. 

My creative process is intuitive so the most planning I do is color selection. The crystals were there to guide my intuition (especially amethyst) and channel my Granny's beautiful spirit as I painted and flowed. Behind my color choices: 

VIOLET: her vibrant & resilient spirit

SKY BLUES and SOFT PINKS: her gentle heart

METALLIC GOLD:  Granny’s ability to see the gold shimmer lining in any situation


I channeled the energy of R O S E  Q U A R T Z  for love and  A M E T H Y S T  for positive energy.

Amethyst: the crystal connection to the African Violet, her favorite flower.  

Rose Quartz: promotes self love and compassion, opens the heart chakra.



Soft Pink: encourages friendliness, calm, tranquility

Sky Blue: calms and sedates, evokes rest

Purple: uplifts, offers a sense of spirituality

Gold:  generosity. compassion, optimism and positivity.

She's Complete

African Violets - Abstract Ink Painting Jenna Webb

Thanks for letting me share this special painting meditation with you! I hope it made you think of someone SOFT and STRONG in your life. 

Love and Positive Vibes,




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