100 Days of Color and Crystal Energy


color and crystal energy jenna webb art

Hi Loves,

I’m kicking off an exciting creative study in a very special 100 day project!

I’m am so passionate about each of us creating spaces we cherish and love coming home to. Spaces full of self-expression, positive energy and inspiration from things we collect and totally ADORE. It’s time to channel our color and crystal obsessions in a way we can begin using them to balance and enhance our lives. 

We are going next level for some serious manifesting...

On our trip around the color wheel I’ll share color psychology of the emotional triggers of colors, crystal healing properties and their related hues, the CC SHUI©️ or placement of the crystal and color energy in your space, and of course plenty of original paintings (100 new works!) for anyone who wants to call in these energies in their life. 

Welcome to 100 Days of Color and Crystal Energy!

We will start our journey with the color GREEN. The green energy center in the body is the heart chakra, an area I’ve spent some time healing lately. Then will move to the throat and third eye chakras, which are both blue.


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color and crystal energy jenna webb art
color and crystal energy jenna webb art

How do crystals work?

As you know, I am fascinated and downright obsessed with COLOR and CRYSTALS.  Here’s why I incorporate these tools in my artwork and how it can benefit your life.

You know how a watch can operate from Quartz energy?  Specifically, certain crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies.  Crystals can power watches, microphones and radios by the electromagnetic energies that flow through it.  That is amazing factual science!  So… it’s not far off to understand how a human can detect or feel the energy of a crystal.

It blew my mind to learn that our bodies are liquid crystals. Wait...what?  

Yes...you heard correctly! Biophysicists are now suggesting that human begins and other organisms are liquid crystals. The human body and stones both have properties of crystallinity.

Holy. S***

So we really CAN feel the energy of a crystal. It makes sense!

Crystal and Color Synergy

Crystals are formed by the earth in a rainbow of colors.  Every crystal and color has synergy with our chakras, our bodies energy centers. I’m so fascinated by color in general, especially the way color interacts with us psychologically.  Color shapes everything we see and do. As soon as our eyes see something, our brains automatically code what we see thus instantly assigning meaning and evoking emotion.    

photo credit MyLifeMyStuff

photo credit MyLifeMyStuff

Just as the human body is absorbs energy of the surrounding environment, humans also distribute energy into the universe. If you are anything like me, you believe that you create your reality.  

It’s so important that your home feels that way you want it to FEEL, so that you are living the life you want to LIVE.

Your home should be personalized and flowing with love and positive energy. That's why I incorporate vibrant colors and my favorite crystals into my paintings.  Crystal energy and color psychology are great intuition tools and help us connect with our personal magic and share it with the world.

color and crystal energy jenna webb art

Lots of Love and Positive Vibes,


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